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Change can be good.

If you’re a non-profit organization looking to make a bigger impact, let’s talk. Whether you’re adapting to big changes in your environment, creating a communications strategy to ensure you land that incredible policy victory you’re pursuing, or seeking an experienced interim leader while you search for your next high-impact executive director, I can help you with:

  • Sustainable, strategic communications plans
  • Targeted messaging and framing for advocacy and issue campaigns
  • Interim executive leadership
  • Services tailored to your organization’s needs

Your organization is grappling with factors that are not unique to you. Unfortunately, we all have to deal with too little money and too many needs. But the solutions that will help you navigate those rapids successfully are unique to your organization’s mission, and your specific set of strengths and assets. 

I’m here to help you create a path forward that your organization and staff can realistically carry out – whether that means some training, some growth, or even some hard decisions about what to leave behind on the next leg of your journey.    


Fawn Pattison Consulting

For over twenty years, I have led non-profit organizations working successfully for public policy change. As both an Executive Director, and Director of Communications, I developed a keen understanding of how a tightly-focused strategy creates sustainability in your organization. 

As a patient and flexible partner in your organization’s success, I’m a big fan of gathering data, letting go of what’s not working anymore, and leaning into what gets results. Few things bring me more joy than teaming up to try out new ideas and see what works. 

Advocacy for social change is a long haul. It matters deeply to me that we have fun, treat each other with kindness, and enjoy each other’s company while make the world a better place for our kids.  

Past Clients

  • Partnership for America's Children
  • Duke Environmental Law & Policy Clinic
  • NC Craft Brewers Guild
  • NC Child
  • Friends of Residents in Long-Term Care


Interested in working together? Want to find out more? Please get in touch: fawn@fawnpattison.com · 919.526.0136